One $BioFi

One $BioFi is all you need to access the Biometric Financial Ecosystem. What this means if by simply having 1 $BioFi in your wallet you can access our utility page along with special perks, products, and services unavailable to non-holders. Currently, with One $BioFi, you can access the UniSafeBox free for 30 days along with access to the Ethos Metaverse and DogeRun.

UniSafeBox is a place to securely store your critical information. It combines double encryption technology with blockchain algorithms to ensure the safety of your information. UniSafeBox is also secured with Say-Tec biometric authentication giving your information the highest level of protection available.

The Ethos Metaverse  
The Ethos Metaverse is a hyper-realistic space Metaverse built on the UNREAL Engine mirroring our own galaxy with the ability to create and add custom planets. The Ethos Metaverse is designed to house multiple games and projects the first of which is DogeRun. DogeRun is a fair-play Doge NFT racing game utilizing Chainlink’s VRF (Verifiable Randomness Function) to ensure a fair game for all players. DogeRun consist of 7,777 Ethos Moon Doge NFTs racing across the galaxy to earn in-game items, $BioFi, and more!