We are on a mission to Decentralize the way you identify and secure your assets on the blockchain

Biometric Financial

$BioFi is a utility token that serves as the glue holding together a secure set of solutions developed by Finnovant, Inc., and Finnovant key partners.

Finnovant, Inc., is a Fintech startup company specializing in biometric authentication to secure financial products and services. Finnovant principals and advisors come from a long history in financial payments, crypto solutions, and fintech activities. Finnovant’s core biometric solutions rely on our Say-Tec voice and facial authentication product line, now being used in the ecosystem globally.

The BioFi Ecosystem leverages biometric security to provide decentralized finance (DeFi) products and services riding on the blockchain. BioFi addresses the concerns many people have about safeguarding their personal data and being safe from exploitation by fraudsters.

The BioFi Ecosystem is equipped with real life utility for all holders of the $BioFi utility token. Partners can integrate easily with the BioFi ecosystem, highlighting the unique utility advantage that the entire service can bring.

The $BioFi utility token is available through an online ecosystem (or portal), that contains a family of secure products, which are easy to download and activate, and simple to purchase with the $BioFi token. Additionally, partners and solution providers can independently create and deliver their own solutions by easily integrating with the BioFi ecosystem through common API interfaces.

Solutions that keep your assets and identity safe powered by the blockchain

We are the leader in blockchain based biometric security technology.


Dedicated to developing the best blockchain driven Biometric technology

The values that drive our project

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We believe in a world where your can easily secure your personal Data, Assets, Passwords, Documents, and more with your personal human signature powered by the blockchain.

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Our decentralized vision is cross-chain with many implementations on the way.

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Transparency is the key to success in any relationship and this is no different, we are always trying to make sure we stay visible to our community, and thrive to keep open clarity on all subjects.

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Our community is the core to our success and we do not take their input lightly, We are on a consistent mission to improve our ecosystem and every community voice counts