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The BioFi Ecosystem delivers access to premium financial solutions secured by cutting-edge technology and unparalleled security, setting the industry standard for blockchain biometrics and decentralized finance.  

Products & Integrations

Our Ecosystem is suitable for a wide range of applications and can be customized to suit your specific needs. Check out our current deployments, below.

Say-Tec: Biometrics

Say-Tec is our world class biometric security platform available for Web 3.0, On-Device, or Standard Web implementations.
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Krptic: Wallet

Krptic Wallet, is powered by Say-Tec and has the ability to securely store many types of mainstream cryptocurrencies.
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Ethos Metaverse

A new world of opportunities on our Metaverse platform built on Unreal Engine.

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Blockchain based encrypted password manager, secure important password, seed phrases, Documents, Photos, and more.
Powered by Say-Tec Biometrics
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Phēnix X1

A phone with a highly secure area to protect against fraudsters and to ensure security when running your financial apps, transacting online, mining cryptocurrencies, and storing your digital assets.
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Insurance Use Case

The $BioFi utility token serves as the glue holding together a secure set of solutions that leverage biometric security to provide DeFi products and services.
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Governor DAO

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Say-Tec 3.0
The Proof of Existence Portal is the world’s first pairing of biometric signature

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Alkimi Decentralized Advertising
Web 3.0 Biometrics

Cyberlete Gaming

Cyberlete Web 3.0 Biometrics

Providence Software

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Drone Industry Systems, Corp.
($DISC) is the first decentralized, autonomous infrastructure IP solution company creating a full stack, multimodal, Web3, and data mining turn-key solution for the intelligent delivery of people and cargo, via drones, UGVs, eVTOLs, and delivery robots.
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BioFi integration

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